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Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Triple Goddess

Guardian Deity: CERRIDWEN

Other Names: CARIDWEN / CERIDWEN/ CREIDDYLAD / CREUDYLAD / CORDELLIA/ Cerridwen / Cereduin / Keridwen and Kerridwen.

How to pronounce Cerridwen? (Ker-RID-Wen). Other spellings of her name include

Location: (Welsh, Scottish)

Description: Moon Goddess, Great Mother; Grain Goddess. Goddess of Nature

Areas of Influence: Her name is derived the Celtic word cerru meaning cauldron which like the Goddess herself, symbolizes the transformative power of magic, wisdom, rebirth and creative inspiration. She was also keeper of the cauldron. For these reasons she is seen as a Patron Goddess of witches and wizards. She is also associated with the moon, fertility, science, prophecy and poetry.

Rules Over: Death, nature, fertility, regeneration, inspiration, magick, science, astrology, herbs, poetry, music, art, spells, knowledge, wisdom, past lives, divination

Welsh Bards called themselves Cerrdorion (sons of Cerridwen). The Bard, Taliesin, founder of their craft was said to be born of Cerridwen and to have tasted a potent from her magick cauldron of inspiration. In her magickal cauldron, she made a potion called greal (from which the word Grail most likely came from). The potion was made from six plants for inspiration and knowledge. Her symbol was a white sow.

Origins and Genealogy: She Married Tegid Voeland and was mother to three children: Creirwy, Morfan and Taliesin. There is no mention of her own origins in the surviving myths

Strengths: Wise, powerful and resourceful.

Weaknesses: She tries to interfere in her children's lives.

Symbolism: The Cauldron and the dark moon are associated with this Goddess.

Sacred Animals: This Goddess often transformed into a white sow to address her people. In her myths she also shape shifted into a greyhound and an otter

Sacred Birds: Hawks and hens.

Sacred Plants: Corn.

Ceridwen’s Myth: The Goddess uses her knowledge of magic and herbs to create a potion to transform her ugly son Morfan into a wise boy. The potion needs to be boiled in her cauldron for a year and a day. She leaves her servant Gwion in charge of the mixture until one day when he accidentally spilt three drops on his hand and licked it off, empowering him with the brews knowledge and power. Frightened of the Goddesses reaction he turned himself into a rabbit. Cerridwen gave chase in the form of a greyhound. He then became a fish and jumped into a river and she became an otter. He turned into a bird and she followed as a hawk. Eventually Gwion transformed into a grain of corn and is eaten by the Goddess who had become a hen. The grain took seed in her womb, and nine moons later, she gave birth to the Taliesin. She is unable to kill the child, instead she wraps him up in a leather bag and sets him out to sea. He survives and becomes the famous Welsh poet Taliesin

Cerridwen's Archetypes:

The Crone: The Crone represents the wise old woman whose child bearing days are behind her. Other associations with this Archetype include: compassion, transformation, healing and bawdiness death and endings. She is the respected older woman or grandparent at the heart of family who enjoys life and sharing her experience. Unfortunately the word Crone or Hag often has negative connotations as many wise woman and midwives were persecuted as witches in the middle ages. Shadow Crone is the bitter, old woman who has failed to learn from her life. She blames all her failings and unhappiness on a society that no longer respects the elders. As a result she becomes increasingly isolated and fearful. Cerridwen is often depicted as a Crone Goddess as she is wise and due to her associations with transformation and rebirth.

The Shape-shifter: The Shape Shifter has the ability to change her physical appearance. They are also able to adapt easily to different environments by altering there behavior. Shadow Shape Shifter is fickle, lacking conviction and constantly reinventing themselves like politicians to appeal to most people. Cerridwen has the power to transform herself into many different creatures. As well as being regarded as a Crone Goddess she is also said to represent the Mother and Maiden aspects of the Triple Goddess.

How To Work With These Archetypes:

The Crone: This maybe one of your Archetypes if you have gained wisdom, learning from your mistakes and showing a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances. You are experiencing the Crone's shadow if you have become rigid in your beliefs and have become stuck in a rut having lost all ability to let those areas of your life go that no longer serve you.

The Shape-shifter: The shape-shifter is a useful archetype to have if you need to be flexible or perform lots of different roles. The shadow side asks whether your chameleon like tendencies reflect a deep insecurity and inability to commit to any particular path.

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