March - Ostara

Monday, March 29, 2010

Meeting my Animal Totem

So, yesterday I had my first Shamanic Journey yesterday to meet my Totem Animal. I went to a friend's place with another friend for my journey. After having a light lunch of soup, we got ready and put on some really good drumming. I laid down on my blanket in my usual meditation position, closed my eyes and let the rhythm of the drumming take me over.

I entered into my meditative state by my usual means, by going through a doorway and descending down. I was in a murky swamp-like place. There was fog all around, close to the ground. It reminded me of what you would see in a movie. I could hear all sorts of sounds, the ground squishing under my feet. My quest was to meet my Totem so I asked the fist animal I encountered, a huge green snake with red eyes. He said no, he wasn't who I was looking for. I kept on walking when I saw a beautiful snowy white owl, like Hedwig. I asked her, but she wasn't. Next I saw to my right a lion & his lioness lounging. I had a feeling they weren't mine so I kept on walking. I saw a huge hawk soaring above me, so I asked him. He said no, but that I was on the right track. I kept walking til I came to a huge tree where up in the branches was a huge, brown Great Horned Owl. He spoke before I could ask my question, "I believe you're looking for me." I was floored!! This owl was talking to me. I asked if he had a name, not knowing if names are a common thing with Totems. Instead of telling me verbally, I saw his name, as if it was being written in a book, Asra.

He told me to come inside the tree he was perched on. I saw that down by the base of the tree an opening. When I went in, I was in a cave with a fire burning in the center. Asra wasn't there, liked I had hoped, but instead there was a man sitting by the fire. I knew who the man was, as he was someone I once knew & cared for. I asked why he was there, where was Asra?? He smiled & answered that this was my journey & that I had to figure it out. I could hear the drumming grow faster, a cue to wrap things up. I started running back to where I began.

I wrote what I saw in my journal and we all shared our experiences. I didn't feel comfortable telling my friends that the man I saw was a past relationship. But, as I thought more about it when I got home, that was silly thinking. I think it may have been a guide manifesting itself as someone I knew?? I don't know. Now, since I don't know too much about owls, I'll be Googling.

Bright Blessings
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