March - Ostara

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Invocation to Freyja

Golden one,
Exquisite, beautiful, and charming,
You open me
And set me free.

Fruitful and sexy,
You give of yourself
Without hesitation,
Without bounds,
Knowing the love of all.

Mail-clad and strong,
You gather the warriors
Of your choice,
Honoring their sacrifice
In your hall of hosts.

Secretive and sly,
You divine the future,
Bending will,
Bending fate,
Bending wyrd.

O Golden Lady,
Lady most blessed,
Teach me your skills.
Honor me with your gifts.
Allow me to become one with you.

So I may fly.


Celia (Head Witch of the Hollow) said...

Hi Rowan...
I love your posts about the Norse path.

We have a huge old Ash tree outside which we dedicated to Odin...after every festival my children place offerings in it's huge hollow between the branches...they call it "The Odin Tree".
It has now become a ritual in itself to do this.
I think the Norse path has been overlooked a lot in the modern teachings.
Thank you for keeping it alive and so vibrant!

Rowan Silverstar said...

Hi, Celia,
I'm new to the Norse path. I felt a connection to Freyja when I first heard about her. I like that she's a strong woman, who's not afraid to "get dirty" when she has to while maintaining her femininity.

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