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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Newest Deity

A little while ago, during one of my meditations, a new figure emerged for me. Even though she didn't reveal herself to me in a visual sense, I had a strong feeling that I knew who She was: The Morrigan.

I know she has many names (the Morrigan, Morrigu, Morrigan La Fey, etc) and she has been subtly letting me know about her. I would see crows everywhere, even where there shouldn't be any birds. I came upon her when I read The Mists of Avalon, then while reading the Magic Treehouse books for my son, where one of the story's protagonist is Morgan la Fey. *Note* I am still learning about the Deity and her many aspects. I have been a little confused as to who she really is, a Celtic War Goddess or Queen of the Faeries, but I am still trying to decipher all this. For some reason, even though I am getting a lot of references to Morrigan La Fey, I feel a connection to The Morrigan.

Because of this, I have been exploring more about discovering my Shadow Self and performing Dark Moon rituals to banish unwanted things out of my life, as well as meditations to further my knowledge of this Goddess. I find her to be a very helpful Deity for me. I show her the respect she deserves, not using her for my own devices. My study of her is ongoing. As I learn more about her, I will post.



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